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I’ve been teaching for nearly twenty years now and in that time have been fortunate to teach and train all over the world.  I am constantly amazed at the power in this beautiful bodymind practice and its an honour to share what I can in my teachings.

  • If you’re interested in trying yoga for the first time but don’t know where to start
  • Or you’re an experienced yogi who wants a few additional pointers in certain areas
  • Or you have an injury and want to practice safely


Yoga is more than a physical practice, even though sadly this is often not how it is taught.  Yoga is a tool to help us live our lives in a healthy, skilful and compassionate way, affecting our relationship to ourselves and those around us.

I’m currently reading a Masters in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy which is accredited by UKCP.  This training is held at Karuna Institute where I am considered to be a Senior Student of Core Process Psychotherapy.   My most recent Yoga training was a Level 3 Warmhearted Awareness with Sarah Powers throughout 2017 and 2018.  My initial teacher training was way back in 2001-2004 with The British Wheel of Yoga a 500hr training over three years.   I then had a chance retreat with Paul and Suzy Grilley in the UK and discovered Yin Yoga.  I then went on to study with Sarah Powers in Yin/Insight Yoga and Meditation.   I have also trained to hold the yoga space for Mums to be, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, which was a beautiful training and have since also trained to teach Hot Yoga.  I am influenced by Scaravelli Inspired Yoga also so this too informs my classes.


Yoga Throughout your Cycle

Nothing is lost by taking time and enquiring into you cycle, actually you’ll achieve a greater understanding of yourself and gain an ability to work with your natural cycle for better holistic wellbeing[1]. I encourage you to have an open mind as you read and start to feel the changes each week in your cycle. Don’t doubt anything you feel, trust your intuition.   When I first heard about what a woman should and shouldn’t do during her cycle, I was twenty years younger and thought it was archaic and out of touch with my sassy life. As I’ve matured in age and experience, insight and love, I’ve come to realise the beauty in my cycle as it gives me insight into my health, both physically and mentally [...]

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Yoga and Stress

The occurrence of stress and awareness of stress is now widespread.  Most of us feel stress of varying degrees at some time in our day.  Stress is a natural process of our human physiology, and one which we need. Stress helps us to adapt to our changing environments and plays a necessary role in helping us cope with danger. Our bodies respond perfectly to stress by creating a chain reactions to release various hormones - most notably epinephrine ("adrenaline"), norepinephrine, and cortisol - from the adrenal glands above each kidney.  These hormones increase the heart rate, increases respiration, increases the availability of glucose and thus regulating metabolism.  They also act as anti-inflammatory hormones, influencing memory formation, controlling salt and water balance, influencing blood pressure and they help in development [...]

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6 Benefits of Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal breathing regenerates our cells and organs. It reduces stress in the body. It maintains our blood PH levels. It positively influences our heart rate. It reduces inflammation in the body. And it improves our mental clarity. Breath quite literally sustains life. Western medical research has shown that our health can be influenced by how well we breathe. Thoracic and Abdominal breathing are the two types of breathing that occur automatically based upon the metabolic demands of the body. Thoracic refers to the area of the body encased by the ribs, which runs up to the clavicle whilst abdominal breathing relies upon a strong and important muscle called the diaphragm that extends across the base of the thoracic cavity. These two types of breathing work in unison when [...]

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How to do – Balasana

Balasana - Childs Pose Sitting on the heels, fold forward and lower the body over the thighs, extending the arms forward and lower the head down. Variations: Arms alongside body, palms facing up, relaxing the shoulders down. Knees wide to give space in the belly area Forehead/arms on bolster if coming forward isn't comfortable Uses: As a sequence start pose to ground and connect with the breath As a counterpose to a back bend To encourage the breath to settle and slow during a strong sequence When held for some time in a Yin class this pose compresses the Stomach and Spleen meridian and the stretches the Kidney and Urinary Bladder Meridian. Benefits: A healing, calming pose Gently stretches the spine Gentle compression on the stomach benefiting the [...]

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