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Designer Wellness

Designer Wellness is a wellness program that is designed for each individual, focusing on desires, needs, ability and time available.  The initial plan is for a month, with weekly plans and check in sessions.  The program is developed with the client, to make sure what is planned is attainable.

A Designer Wellness programme starts with a ‘getting to know you’ consultation.  A plan is then devised that includes Nutritional Advice, Fitness through yoga and sport, Mindfulness guidance and any additional therapies we feel may be of benefit.

Designer Wellness is created to be part of your journey towards a balanced, healthy life, where you will feel supported and encouraged throughout your time with us.


Sustainable Athleisure Wear for the conscious mind.

Ertha is a sustainable athleisure wear brand.

ErthaThere is a direct link between the health of the environment and our own wellbeing. As a yoga teacher in the wellness industry Im shocked at the disconnection, lack of awareness or consciousness between the two.

Ertha is proving a hard production to make, as I am coming up against a fashion industry that is only just starting to understand sustainability.  The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, and is not yet accommodating for those with awareness on consequence.

Ertha’s foundations are based on consequence.  The sustainable fashion industry seeks to create a system of clothing production that is conscious of its environmental and social impact. A conscious designer/consumer is interested in what chemicals are sprayed on the textile seeds, how the textiles get from farm to factory, who makes our clothes, and where the products and its byproducts actually end up.

  • Ertha will be a brand that is made as locally to its selling point as possible – reducing the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.
  • Ertha’s pieces will not have had a negative environmental impact
  • Ertha will be made up limited collections, using fabrics that are already made or recycled.

Watch this space, it’s exciting!

Ertha Revolutions

Along with the production of sustainable athleisure wear I’m creating an event series called Ertha Revolutions with sustainability at its core.  A panel of speakers who are working in this field, industry leader who are the movers and shakers, providing information and advice around developing your brand and your lifestyle so it has a positive impact on the earth and our wellbeing.

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