Food Manners

Food, food delicious food! We all have a relationship with food, and our habits or food manners can positively or negatively affect our own wellbeing and the environments wellbeing.  For whatever reason most people think of food on average every 42 mins of the day, men more often than women surprisingly.  This study was done in Ohio where students recorded how often they thought of food over a week,  it's by no means a definitive test, but an interesting finding nonetheless. Following on from my last blog, 'Are you sustainable, how you buy your food affects how sustainable your lifestyle is. What does sustainability actually mean? Sustainability is concerned with consequence. The sustainable food industry seeks to create a system of food [...]


Are you sustainable?

Surly living a conscious, sustainable and well informed lifestyle is a good choice?  Making sure to live as best we can, sustaining our health, the fresh air and the beauty of this earth for our children and future generations is now easier than it has ever been.   For without a healthy earth the freedom of our lifestyle won't be an option, and our legacy will be one of desertification, toxic waste and poisoned water.  We have information, resources and choices now available to us that have never been available before and I believe we have a responsibility to inform ourselves and to choose a lifestyle that is sustainable.  What does sustainable mean? Sustainability is concerned with consequence.  Conscious consumers is interested in [...]


Bikram Yoga files for Bankruptcy

Its disappointing to read that the man who created Bikram Yoga has had to file for bankruptcy due to a colossal debt ($16 million).  This debt is a result of the huge amount of sexual harassment charges against him. As a teacher there is an art to teaching, an art to creating a safe space where students can let go and open up.  It makes me sick that a man has abused this precious position (how topical at this moment) for his own satisfaction and glory. Many of the Bikram studios changed their names and dissociated themselves with Mr Choudhury when the charges started to flood in around 2013.   Mr Choudhary still thinks that he hasn't sexually abused anyone. Choudhury has since [...]


Bayer bids for Monsanto.

Bayer is wanting to buying Monsanto and form the largest pesticide and seed company in the world. If you have heard of Monstanto you may also know that they have monopolised the genetically modified seed production market, and has recently had some pretty disturbing press. In an on-line letter to European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestagerhad more than 1 million people have signed a petition opposing the deal of Bayer acquiring Monsanto,  Reuters which is now investigating this merge, worrying that the merge will stifle innovation and competition and push up prices, and make this new company the largest and therefore the most dominant influence of seed production in the world. A merged Bayer and Monsanto would control more than a quarter of the global [...]