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Its disappointing to read that the man who created Bikram Yoga has had to file for bankruptcy due to a colossal debt ($16 million).  This debt is a result of the huge amount of sexual harassment charges against him.

As a teacher there is an art to teaching, an art to creating a safe space where students can let go and open up.  It makes me sick that a man has abused this precious position (how topical at this moment) for his own satisfaction and glory.

Many of the Bikram studios changed their names and dissociated themselves with Mr Choudhury when the charges started to flood in around 2013.   Mr Choudhary still thinks that he hasn’t sexually abused anyone. Choudhury has since fled to India; his fleet of 44 luxury sports cars in California have vanished. When cornered by a TV journalist at a teacher-training camp near Mumbai last October, Choudhury insulted his accusers and claimed that 5,000 women a day would line up to have sex with him: “Why do I have to harass women? People spend $1m for one drop of my sperm. Are you that dumb to believe those trash?” he said on camera.

$16 Million worth of trash Mr Choudhury?

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