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Surly living a conscious, sustainable and well informed lifestyle is a good choice?  Making sure to live as best we can, sustaining our health, the fresh air and the beauty of this earth for our children and future generations is now easier than it has ever been.   For without a healthy earth the freedom of our lifestyle won’t be an option, and our legacy will be one of desertification, toxic waste and poisoned water. 

We have information, resources and choices now available to us that have never been available before and I believe we have a responsibility to inform ourselves and to choose a lifestyle that is sustainable. 

What does sustainable mean?

Sustainability is concerned with consequence.  Conscious consumers is interested in what chemicals are sprayed on the land, how products get from farm to factory, whos making what we buy, and where the products and its byproducts actually end up.  Changing the way we consume, creating a lifestyle that not only nurtures and supports our own and our families wellbeing, but the wellbeing of our environment and our earth too is really important.

There are many aspects of our lifestyles that we have the power to change, to become more conscious and sustainable.  Over the coming weeks I will unpack each of these aspects to give you a clearer idea of how to make more sustainable choices.

  1. Food that we buy
  2. Clothes that we buy
  3. Transport that we use
  4. Household and personal Products that we buy
  5. Waste we throw out

Take a moment and think about your current consumer habits, do you think there are any ways you can change them?

  • lets change from low nutrient, processed food to locally grown organic yumminess.
  • From fast fashion to investment buying.
  • From toxic transport to healthier, cleaner ways.
  • From chemical products to non toxic products.
  • Reducing landfill, improving your recycling and buying less.

Its time to step up and live more consciously, becoming more aware of your ecological footprint and the health of this beautiful earth we live on.

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